Brussels Projects

In bird's-eye view, Destelheide and Brussels are but half an hour apart from one another. And still, we often notice that our green domain is still largely unknown in Brussels. On the other hand, we also see that visitors of Destelheide rarely visit our vibrant capital city. That's why in recent years set up several projects that will create bridges between Dworp and Brussels.

A green domain and high-quality rehearsal space are but some of the assets of Destelheide that organisations in Brussels must often miss. On the other hand, our capital bursts with museums, theatre companies, events... a luxury that in our quiet Dworp we can only dream of. We went to several youth work organisations, colleges of advanced education and artistic labs in Brussels with one open question "How could Destelheide help to realise your dreams?". Together, we developed all kinds of projects and long-term partnerships that we will be able to realise with the support of the Brussels Coordination Team. Destelheide supports these innovative artistic concepts by presenting artists and by helping to conceive the programme, logistically by making our facilities available and financially through a small discount on the lodging rates. Below, you'll find more information on the basic pillars of our Brussels activities.

Art & Ride

We often notice that among youth work and school groups staying in Destelheide there is a physical and mental barrier to make an excursion to the capital. We at Destelheide want to stimulate such excursions through our project 'Art & Ride'. We've entered into agreements with theatres and museums to visit them with a group from Destelheide for dress rehearsals, nocturnes, evening performances... Destelheide arranges and pays for the bus transport but also guides the excursion to the theatre or museum. So, as of this autumn, you can not only visit try-outs in our own performance hall, but in the whole of Brussels!

Exhibitions, artists in residence and artistic formations

Also in our regular activities, we keep an eye on Brussels. Each year, we organise at least one exhibition on a Brussels artist or art collective: with Rosas, Ultima Vez, Kurt Deruyter, Sébastien Nagy... We also welcome ever more Brussels artists in residence. Lately, we've had many dance companies and circus groups as our guests and as these are mainly situated in the Brussels region, we notice that our rehearsal facilities are becoming increasingly known. Some of the Brussels artists in residence are Albert Quesada, Charlotte Bouckaert & Steve Salembier, Cie Félicette Chazerand, Alexander Van Tournhout, Stanislav Dobak & Jamie Lee, Marie Eugenia Lopez & Ozan Turkkan,... And the list is getting longer and longer! Besides that, we also organise masterclasses and artistic formations with Brussels artists like Rosas, Ultima Vez, Kurt Deruyter, Stephanie Kiwitt, Inne Goris, Griet Dobbels, Alexander Vantournhout...

Met Brusselse organisaties en scholen zoals Fanfakids, Centrum West, RITS, Narafi, K-Team, Puzzel B, LUCA School of Arts, Atheneum Brussel etc. zetten we trajecten op waarbij we een gezamenlijk en vernieuwend artistiek project uitdenken dat in Destelheide doorgaat.

We still have lots of plans and ideas to set up partnerships between Brussels and Destelheide. If there's one thing we are not short of, then it's enthusiasm. In the next Destelheide magazines, we will report on the projects that we are setting up with our vibrant capital!

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