An inspirational centre

Destelheide is a modern, daring and cosy complex of buildings made of glass, concrete and timber on a vast domain surrounded by nature within the green belt of Brussels. The centre was built between 1964 and 1971 by architect Paul Felix, who designed a series of very functional buildings. Now, more than 40 busy years later, Destelheide still vouches for an inspiring and stimulating environment that boosts creativity.

Centre for youth, art and creativity

Throughout the years, Destelheide has developed into a successful centre for youth tourism but also schools and adults find their way to Dworp. With a lodging capacity of 240 beds we realise more than 30,000 overnight stays per year. In our restaurant, we serve 500 meals per day and in the pub slash party hall quite a few courses ended in a wild party.

Master Plan Infrastructure

For the next few years, major infrastructure works are planned that will make Destelheide's unique artistic climate even more outspoken. A master plan should offer sustainable solutions based on an overall vision for both the infrastructure and landscape elements. You can follow the progress of these works on our website.

Guy Uyttebroeck – Director Destelheide

"The Master Plan must strengthen the idea of an artistic enclave. A place where, far from the "ordinary" world, people can work and learn in all peace and quiet. We want to increase the lodging comfort and make the quality of our service even better."