Surrounded by nature

Surrounded by nature

The clear and sober rooms of Destelheide have been designed in complete harmony with the beautiful landscape. They have been integrated in a domain of more than 17 acres, situated on the hillside along the valley of a small brook called the ‘Zevenbronnenbeek’.

Natural beauty

Dworp is located amidst the beautiful landscapes of the Zenne valley and 'Pajottenland'. Whoever enters Destelheide immediately gets the feeling of an art monastery in a green oasis. The environment is a paradise for hikers and cyclists, bursting with hills and valleys, woods, rivers, green pastures, undulating fields and breath-taking panoramas! Nature lovers can also enjoy the nature in the wider region with hotspots such as the 'Zoniënwoud', the 'Hallerbos' with its famous hyacinths, the Zevenbronnen valley with its many ponds and the beautiful cycling track along the canal Brussels - Charleroi.

Close to Brussels

Artists such as painter Pieter Brueghel or writer Herman Teirlinck drew inspiration from the 'Pajottenland'. Destelheide is within a stone's throw from many cultural hotspots in Flanders and Wallonia. Our biggest asset may well be the proximity to Brussels. We will therefore in the next few years strengthen the bond with our capital city through various projects. More information on the assets of the environment can be found on

David Van den Hende – teacher and musician

“I am a regular visitor of Destelheide as a teacher for practical training classes and courses, but also played a try-out here with my music group Hermitage. Destelheide really is the ideal place for breaking away and working hard without being interrupted, while being surrounded by nature. The only thing that might have been even better was if it had been situated in the south of France, but otherwise it’s a great place to be.”